Hair Restoration Procedure: What You Should Know?

Just hearing the word surgery makes you cringe, but you know that sooner or later, you have to face your fears. You are still young and there are so many things that you would want to achieve, but your baldness is starting to get into you. Your confidence has waned and you no longer want to be faced with many people, fearing that they might laugh at you. You can opt to get temporary remedies for your problem, like shaving your head or wearing a wig, or you can also consider getting hair reconstruction. With the latter, your main concern, aside from the needles, is the cost of hair transplant surgery.

Still, a lot of women want to know the success rate of hair transplantation services. We all have heard stories about unsuccessful hair transplantation servicess, or even transplant-gone wrong. These stories may be true, but they’re only a very little percentage. With the new technologies used in hair transplantation servicess today, the success rate has climbed up to 98%. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

Dr. Khan is the founding member of International Society of Hair Restorative Surgery & the Italian Society of Hair Restorative Surgery. On 10th Scientific meeting of international Society of Hair Restorative Surgery held in Chicago (USA) 2002, his posters were awarded the 1st prize for Best Practical Tip.

Doctors who are skeptical about leg hair or body hair transplants Matters of appearance are largely subjective, of course. And what works on one head may not work on another.

So if you go with a world-famous best hair transplantation in istanbul, you’ll probably be paying a few cents more per graft than if you go to the discount transplant guys down the street.

A well experienced hair surgeon will transplant your hair so well that not even your stylist will come to know that you have undergone hair replacement. Hence, it is a must to choose the right clinic and surgeon who will do well in bringing about natural results.

The transplanted hair needs sometime to adjust to its new position. In fact, the patient would need to go back to the clinic after two weeks to remove the sutures. There will also be postoperative procedures that they have to follow. By adhering to them, the healing of the scars in the scalp would be faster and the transplanted hair would also look a lot fuller.

In the event of ingrown hairs which can present itself like a pimple or a bump you need to apply a warm cloth over the area. Do this for ten minutes, three times a day. After this you prick the center with a needle that has been soaked in alcohol. If there is no relief after 3 days, contact your hair transplant surgeon immediately.

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